Stitch bonded nonwoven

Stitch bonded nonwoven fabric have 14 stitches, 18 stitches and 22 stitches .  Stitch bonded non-woven fabric is a kind of dry-laid nonwoven fabric. The raw material is high-quality plastic bottle pieces, which are processed to form recycled fiber. Then through the sewing method of nonwoven fabric process, 80% – 95% recycled polyester staple fiber and 5% – 20% high-quality polyester filament warp knitting coil structure are used for fiber mesh, yarn layer and non-woven materials (such as plastic sheet, plastic thin metal foil, etc.), Their combination is reinforced to make the recycledpet nonwoven fabric.

The colors are white, black and green. The color depends on the raw material of chemical fiber. The finished product of white chemical fiber is white stitch bonded nonwoven fabric, and the finished product of black chemical fiber is black stitch bonded nonwoven fabric.

Needle distance: 14 stitches. 14 stitches refer to 14 stitches used in sewing. According to different pins, it is divided into 14751410141314141416. This 75 refers to 7.5 yarns within one inch (2.54 cm). 10 is 10 yarn, 13 is 13 yarn (polyester), 14 is 14 yarn, 16 is 16 yarn. The more polyester fiber is used, the better the physical properties of the product.

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