Tasks of Combing Process

  1. Necessity of combing

(1) For high-grade fabrics, carding yarn is difficult to meet the requirements;

(2) It is difficult to spin high count yarns with more than 60 count.

(3) Special yarn, carding yarn can not meet the requirements.


  1. Tasks of Combing Process

(1) Exclude short fibers in order to improve the average length and uniformity of fibers. Short fibers in raw sliver can be excluded about 40%-50%.

(2) Eliminate the impurities and neps in sliver to improve the appearance quality of yarn. In combing process, the impurities in sliver can be eliminated by 50%-60% and neps by 10%-20%.

(3) Straighten, parallel and separate the fibers in the strip. The fiber straightness of carding sliver is only about 50%. The fiber straightness can be increased to 85%-95% in combing process.

(5) Uniform coalescence, mixing and stripping. For example, the weight unevenness of carding sliver is about 2% – 4%, while that of combed sliver is about 0.5% – 2%.

Combing process is composed of combing preparation machine and combing machine. Combing preparation machine is to provide good quality combing coils for combing machine processing.

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