Types and differences of Airlaid Paper

  1. Vicell
  2. Zorbcor
  3. Vizorb

The difference between three kinds of airlaid paper:

  1. Glued airlaid paper is made by laminating the wood pulp fibers after being air-laid;
  2. The heat-sealed airlaid paper is a mixture of wood pulp fibers and hot-melt fibers, and the fibers are mainly bonded by melting of the hot-melt fibers;
  3. The integrated airlaid paper is bounded between the two, both the bonding of hot-melt fibers and a small amount of latex bonding.

But in fact, heat-sealed airlaid paper must also be surface-foamed (similar to surface sizing) to finish the surface. Compared with the usual glued airlaid paper, the heat-sealed airlaid paper has more excellent properties in terms of bulkiness, dry-wet tensile strength, flexibility and liquid absorbing properties.


Airlaid paper applications: semiconductor production lines, microelectronics production, LCD display, LCD display, circuit board production, PCB products, screen printing, laboratory dust-free workshop production line.

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