Why Nomex® (aramid) is so popular among the heat resistance filter media

Why Nomex® (aramid) is so popular among the heat resistance filter media

Q:Why Nomex® (aramid) is so popular among the heat resistance filter media?

A: The reasons why Nomex® (aramid) is the best selling are that:
1.Good temperature resistance. It can regularly work in the continuous 204℃, and can bear the instant temperature of 250℃.
2.Good stability. Under the 250 ℃, its heat shrinkage ratio is less than 1%. Nomex® filter media has an excellent high temperature stability.
3. Excellent chemical resistance. It can work normally in the low concentration of acid , alkali and hydrocarbons even if  in the small amount of the fluoride environment.
4.Good fire resistance. Nomex®(aramid) filter media only start to carbonize from 400℃, which is neither easy to autoignition and combustion-supporting. With these good performances, Nomex® (aramid) filter media is widely used in steel industry, carbon black industry, construction industry and power industry. And become the best selling high temperature resistance filter media.
Note: Nomex® is a registered trademark which belongs to Dupont.

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